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CLiK Therapy Clinic


In October 2022, I have opened a Mental Health clinic with a colleague Caroline Jench, called CLiK Therapy. CLiK Therapy is an outpatient recovery centre which focuses on a holistic approach to eating disorder treatment


Our mission is to make mental health accessible to all.

At CLiK you will find psychotherapists from different modalities working together with nutritional therapists in order to provide you with the best possible treatment and care. We work with you to create a recovery plan that best suits both your needs and possibilities. We understand that it can be difficult to combine everyday life with recovering from an eating disorder and we work very hard to provide the flexibility you might need so that you do not have to compromise on your day to day life in order to recover. Each treatment programme is tailored to the individual which means that we will be working with you to create your own recovery journey according to your needs and areas you wish to work on. We offer a range of different themed group therapy sessions supported by individual psychotherapy and nutritional therapy. Through years of experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings we have learnt that what works best in recovery is the clinician and client working together.

Services at CLiK

We are a day care / outpatient service that offer:

-Group Therapy

-1:1 Therapy Sessions

-1:1 Nutrition Sessions

-Supported Eating Groups

-Nutrition Groups

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