About Love To Eat Nutrition

Love To Eat Nutrition has been set up by Nutritionist Rebecca..


My name is Rebecca and I live in Horsham West Sussex. I have always had an interest in Health and Nutrition, being in competitive sport since a young age. I studied an Undergraduate degree in Sport Science and later on studied a Masters in Human Nutrition. I have since then studied further modules from an Masters in the Science & Treatment of Eating Disorders.

My interest in food and nutrition really began since suffering from Psoriasis in my early teens, a condition I tried everything to fix, including sunbeds, various creams, anything that 'might fix it'. It wasn't until I started to change my diet, I learnt how food can help with the management of my skin.

As well as my psoriasis, my sport was another main facilitator in my love for Nutrition. I wanted to learn how to fuel my body. For me, I have always had good coaches and programming in place, so I wanted to learn how my nutrition could compliment my training and help me to not only perform, but also recover to the best of my ability. I worked with Chelsea Ladies Football Club from January 2016- July 2019 and supported the girls nutritional needs throughout training, injury, games and different training loads.

Since the beginning of 2017, I started worked in Mental Health with individuals struggling with eating disorders. 

I worked at the Recover Clinic for girls suffering with eating disorders. This clinic unfortunately closed in May 2017, but I wanted to continue to work within mental health after finding a passion for helping people who were struggling. I then joined Lifeworks Community which is part of the Priory Group in June 2017 and continue to work with people suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and EDNOS until leaving in November 2020. I offer support and guidance through Nutritional 121 Therapy, as well as Educational Groups and provided support during meal times. I now work at The Recover Clinic in Soho and I continue to work with this client group through my private practice. 

Since working within Eating Disorders I have also researched and studied in 'Intuitive Eating' a relatively new concept, but a practice that I believe helps people have a better relationship with food and ultimately themselves. 


I have studied modules at UCL For Clinic Science of Eating Disorders and Treatment of Eating Disorders, as well as ED Training for Dietitian at Leeds Beckett. I have also studied Inuitive Eating with the London Center for Intuitive Eating. 

I am passionate about helping people understand their eating habits, and feel at ease making choices that are catered towards their personal needs and goals. My nutritional approach follows the belief that everyone is different, but food ultimately is to be enjoyed in a healthy and balanced way.

I have worked with..


Chelsea Ladies Football Club

Lifeworks Community - The Priory Group

Arthur House- The Priory Group

The Recover Clinic

UK Baseball & Softball

Smarter Performance



Sports Nutrition

Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating

Intuitive Eating


Cooking / Meal Planning