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Recipe: Chia Seed Pudding

It's easy to not have enough time in the morning for a nutritious breakfast, or fancy something sweet that isn't filled with sugar! Well this Chia seed pudding is perfect to satisfy both of those criteria's! Make it the night before, or a few days before to give it sometime to set! My Top Tip: Make it in an empty peanut butter/jam jar!


- 200g Greek Yoghurt (My favourites are fage or skyr)

-100ml Almond Milk (Coconut milk will also work)

-2 teaspoons chia seedss

-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

-Optional - Cacao or unsweetened cocoa powder (if you fancy a chocolatey one!)


-Small handful of berries

-Small handful of chopped nuts


-Mix Greek Yoghurt, almond milk and cinnamon in a blender until completely smooth

-Whisk in Chia seeds

-Pour into an empty jar or tupperwear to set

-Leave in fridge for at least 5 hours to set

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