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Cutting Carbs?

I hear a lot of people talk about starting a diet or wanting to lose weight and their immediate first thoughts are 'I'm going to cut out carbohydrates' OR 'I'm going to stop eating bread'. As that is supposedly the reason behind weight gain.

This photo shows a comparison between 2 different types of carbohydrates - a banana and a slice of bread. As you can see, a banana actually has a higher carbohydrate content than bread, and also a higher sugar content - yet when people decide to embark on a diet, bread will be eliminated, yet banana/fruit consumption won't. That isn't to say bananas need to be eliminated too, it is to highlight how to help you make an informed choice. Fruit and vegetables are also carbohydrates.

Both bread and fruit are high in fibre and can therefore both help to contribute towards weight loss. But as carbohydrates, bread and fruit (not specifically a banana) are not the same in their composition. There are 2 types of carbohydrates - Simple & Complex which BOTH have a place in in our diets.

A simple carbohydrate provides the body with 'quick' energy, it raises our blood sugar levels quicker than complex carbohydrates and is therefore a great food source pre workout.

A complex carbohydrate on the other hand, doesn't rapidly increase our blood sugar levels, however offers a steady long lasting form of energy and can also keep you fuller for longer... possibly a key component in weight loss.

A review of literature over the last 30 years has also looked at studies trialling eliminating bread and it's effect on weight loss.. and wholegrain bread did not positively influence weight loss..! Therefore perhaps rather than cutting out carbohydrates (or bread in particular) consider the timing of when you're eating simple and when you're eating complex carbohydrates.

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