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What is Normal Eating?

So what is this Normal Eating all about then..

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to navigate disordered eating / eating disorder recovery in an environment where there is a lot of noise around what we should be eating, how we should eat and what new ‘diet’ trends there are out there. It’s an absolute minefield.

‘What is normal eating?’ is often therefore a common discussion with clients to think about what we’re ultimately working towards.

Whilst there is no set definition for ‘normal’ eating and each person will have their own version of what works for them, here are some things that as a Nutritionist, I believe reflect having a normal relationship with food:

· Going to the table with a level of hunger and leaving satisfied.

· Mostly eating 3 meals a day - with snacks in between if desired.

· Sometimes overeating because it’s tasty or you want and not stopping because you ‘think you should’ and sometimes under-eating and wishing you had more.

· Being able to incorporate food into social events with friends and family.

· Having no rules around when you’re allowed to eat, i.e ‘I can’t eat past 6pm’

· Having no ‘forbidden foods’

· Honouring food cravings.

· Allowing yourself to have you enjoy!

· Eating for not only energy and nourishment, but also pleasure!

· Not compensating the amount of food you have eaten by exercising or restricting in the following days.

· Having trust in your body that it will make up for too little/too much eating.

These are of course going to vary from person to person, but in short they are flexible!

If you’ve read through these and think you’re far from eating in this way, then why not consider working through an intuitive eating approach?

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